My Nubu is Your Nubu

Life gets busy, so it's all about prioritizing.  Why not prioritize your snacks?  Be prepared to tackle whatever the day throws your way with satisfying, all natural, nut butter bites.

Nubu was created so hunger doesn't keep you from your daily grind.  Whether working at a desk, pedaling a tough gear on the trails, or savoring the fresh-roast in your morning coffee, make it Nubu. For easy snacking, enjoy wholesome ingredients and a rich, nut-buttery taste without the mess.

Spoon-less innovation found in every sweet and crunchy bite. 


Are you the active type that needs a snack to fit in the side pocket of your super awesome cargo shorts?  Nubu Nut Butter Bites are perfectly packaged to fuel your adventures as you hit the trails!


Live your mantra. 

Seek balance.

Turn gloomy days upside down.

Keep your mood up after your downward dog.  

-from an inspired yogi and Nubu-enthusiast

Crunched for time on that next deadline? Meet the challenge with the crunch of Nubu snacks, the perfect companion for anyone in need of a boost to get through the day.


Ever feel like you are always on the move? No matter where your next adventure, shopping excursion or meeting with friends takes you, keep a tasty snack handy. Be prepared like a good scout; you never know when the Nubu craving may strike! 

on the go