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Nubu is made with all natural peanut butter, and only 6-7 ingredients  (depending on your flavor of choice.) And isn’t that refreshing? 

For some people, “eating healthy” has new meaning. It doesn’t mean never indulge or to stay  away from entire groups of foods like sugar or carbs. But more and more, people are interested  in at least knowing what it is they are putting in their bodies.  

Nubu Snacks


That’s why Nubu decided to use Natural Peanut Butter when making our delicious, poppable  treats with just 5-6 other ingredients you can read. That’s it. The nice thing about natural peanut  butter is you aren’t substituting any taste! Nubu Nut Butter Bites are rich, sweet, and filling, not  to mention vegan, gluten free, and dairy free. Simple.  

There is joy in simplifying.  

Calum Lewis


This year has definitely challenged the world to simplify in so many other ways. It hasn’t all been  a treat, has it? However, some people have found that getting back to basics has helped them  grow in their relationships, families, with hobbies, and in resiliency.  

Thrillist recently released a list of 50 things to do while home in quarantine… and actually look pretty amazing, like catching all of this month’s stargazing events, or playing an online game  with friends.  

Here at Nubu, our own staff is finding new joy in things like: 

  • Doing puzzles
  • Taking online classes 
  • Baking 
  • Rewatching old TV shows 
  • Trying new recipes 
  • Painting a room 
  • Getting back into abandoned art projects 

Simply the best.  



Simplifying your life can also help reduce anxiety. In the stress of everything, our busy  customers, customers with food allergies, and natural foods customers find it relieving to flip  over our package and read a small list of ingredients. 

When the Marie Kondo phase swept the nation, people were throwing things out and donating  things left and right. Since many people are in their homes much more than they used to be, it’s  important that your home is a space that provides calm.  

Good Morning America actually followed up with a few people who went through the Marie  Kondo declutter, and the results are resounding that it did help them appreciate their own  space! A year later, one woman commented "I was thinking of how much money people  spend on a vacation to get away from it all, but if you want to make a life-altering change,  rather than a week in Mexico, where you come home and have it all to deal with still, to have  your house organized like I did, it’s life-altering."  

It seems in eating, living, and working, there is a lot of joy to be found in getting back to simple. 


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