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To launch our #beyouwithnubu campaign we are exploring some fun ways to fully embrace being yourself this spring. 

We all learned a little bit more about ourselves since March of 2020, didn’t we? Maybe it’s more than we ever wanted to know (just kidding, we’re all fabulous!).  Spring is the season of renewal, so prepare to blossom into your best self this year...

With all the solitary time endured recently, we were able to self-reflect, engage in new hobbies, pick old ones back up, try new foods (lots of new foods), and let our true personalities shine.  Many of us decided to explore new hairstyles (some of us cut our own bangs didn’t we?). 

Now that the world is slowly opening back up, let’s break down some fun ways to embrace all that is you this season! 


Funky Hair Colors

Sarah Doody

Maybe you’ve seen the trend and you’ve wanted to try it but you’ve been hesitant. Well, pastel and gem tone hair colors are here to stay. Even many workplaces are allowing employees to express themselves with unusual hair colors and dismissing the stigma that these fun colors are unprofessional. (Of course you’ll want to check with HR first, don’t take our word for it.) 

The hair dye aisle at your favorite store is likely stocked up with these new coloring products that are less harmful on hair than permanent dyes. Many of these products wash out in 5-30 washes so if you end up not loving it - no worries there either! This trend isn’t just for the ladies; fellas you can get on this too. 


Make a Splash with a Vintage Bathing Suit

Vintage Bathing Suit

Everyone is ready to get to the beach this summer, right? We all need vitamin D, that’s for sure. This year, put away any body insecurities.  Go buy that cute new high-waisted vintage swimsuit and head to the water. Your body has gotten you through a lot lately, so dress it up cute and give it some sun. Wear sunscreen.

Embrace Your Artsy Side

Networking Apparel

It’s good to have a creative outlet, but some people are too afraid of being “bad” at something to even try. But here’s the thing… you don’t have to be good at it. Just get your creative juices flowing in whatever way feels good to you. Not everything you do has to be productive and you don’t have to strive to be the best at it. It’s great for your well-being to have an outlet to just express yourself, do something physical, or try something fun with no pressure attached. 

Join a Community Group

Networking Group

Community gardens, book clubs, yoga in the park clubs… there are so many ways your neighbors are connecting and you can too! Even if 2020 set your social skills back a bit, we assure you there will be other members of the group just getting acclimated and feeling awkward too. 

A couple ways you can find out what’s going on in your community is through your park district  or in community Facebook pages. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to start your own club! 

Whatever you decide to do this spring to embrace your uniqueness, express yourself, or participate in some kind of new fun activity, be sure to grab Nubu on the way out of the door! Nubu will give you the boost you need and you’ll enjoy the rich taste of natural peanut butter with a flaky, crispy crunch. Be you with Nubu this season!  



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