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For over a year now most of our schedules and calendars have been pretty bare. Weddings and birthday parties were few or put on hold all together...

To launch our #beyouwithnubu campaign we are exploring some fun ways to fully embrace being yourself this spring. 

We all learned a little bit more about ourselves since March of 2020, didn’t we? Maybe it’s more than we ever wanted to know (just kidding, we’re all fabulous!).  Spring is the season of renewal, so prepare to blossom into your best self this year...

Listen, we’re not here to lecture anyone on lifestyle, we just love our loyal vegan customers who rave about the great taste of Nubu, and appreciate that it is 100% vegan and made from simple ingredients. But enough about us. Let’s talk about you, Vegans.

Nubu is made with all natural peanut butter, and only 6-7 ingredients  (depending on your flavor of choice.) And isn’t that refreshing? 

For some people, “eating healthy” has new meaning. It doesn’t mean never indulge or to stay  away from entire groups of foods like sugar or carbs. But more and more, people are interested  in at least knowing what it is they are putting in their bodies.  


Danielle Falknor is a gluten free eater, mom of two, and a full-time nurse at a family practice in a suburb that borders Chicago. The COVID 19 pandemic threw the Falknor’s out of their typical family routine.

But when we asked Danielle about her busy lifestyle with a gluten free diet in the mix, she’s overwhelmingly positive.  

The mantra “to find the simple pleasures in life” can easily be expressed by peanut butter lovers by grabbing a spoon, twisting open the lid of a jar of peanut butter open and digging in. Delicious satisfaction. Peanut butter might be the only spread that a large amount of people will take “straight up”... no jelly, no chaser.

So, what makes us love peanut butter so much? And is peanut butter “good” or “bad” for us? Let’s dive into that.